About GZP

  1. We share a common belief that theatre is a means and not an end. We are theatres that work to effect social change.
  2. We attempt to develop and serve audiences whose social reality is not normally reflected on the Canadian stage.
  3. We are part of an ongoing process in which art is actively involved in the changing nature of the communities in which we live and work.

-definition of Popular Theatre established by the Canadian Popular Theatre Alliance


GZP Edmonton is a Popular Theatre.
We develop original works of creative non-fiction for the stage. We do theatre with specific communities who have not been given full access to resources in our society. We act in partnership with organizations committed to social change. We are engaged in a process of Popular Education, which has its own traditions and methods of work.

GZP has always been committed to taking theatre to people. In the last 25 years, we have performed in every province west of Atlantic Canada, in venues ranging from tiny Labour halls to outdoor stages in front of several thousand people.

Our core audience has remained Organized Labour. However, we have broadened this work by collaborating with culturally diverse communities. In Toronto, this included work like Hijos del Maiz created by Jorge Barahona from the experience of Central American refugees, and Allos written by Voltaire de Leon from the Pilipino community. Since moving to Edmonton over 10 years ago, we have continued this emphasis. We are currently supporting Pat Darbasie to develop two shows with the local Black communities: Ribbon, about Black Pioneers and West Indian Diary about Caribbean immigrants.


Ground Zero Productions is a registered charity. If you are interested in supporting the company, we can issue donation receipts for your income tax. For further information, just activate the email address below.

The Website

We see this website as a continuing work in progress. Kobot Industries have designed a site that is easy to edit and supplement. We have left space for people to participate in telling the Ground Zero story. Please use the email address below to get in touch.