A number of academic writers have described GZP’s work, and our collaboration with Banner Theatre.

Filewod, Alan and David Watt. Workers Playtime Sydney: Currency Press: 2001.

Filewod, Alan. “Naming the Movement: Recapitalizing Popular Theatre.” Canada on Stage: International Perspectives on Contemporary Theatre. ed. Sherril Grace and Albert Glaap. Vancouver: Talon Books and Dusseldorf: WVT, 2003: 227-24.
This essays examines the rise and fall of the Canadian Popular Theatre Alliance, and questions how theatre practices become understood as historical movement. Naming the Movement full article

Filewod, Alan and David Watt. “The Ground Zero/ Banner Collaborations.” Paper delivered to the “Alternative Theatre in Britain” Conference, University of Reading. 17 April. 2004
An outline of the history, working processes and significance of the transnational collaboration of two popular theatres working in the interface of live and digital performance.
GZP-Banner Collaborations full article

Filewod, Alan. “Vanguard Aesthetics in Working Class Theatre.” Paper presented to the American Society for Theatre Research, Chicago. 17 Nov. 2006.
This position paper from a research seminar on “vanguard studies” examines the changing attitudes towards theatrical experimental in left culture, with reference to Ground Zero and Banner’s contemporary work.
Vanguard Aesthetics full article

Filewod, Alan. “Theatrical Nationhood in Radical Mobility The Farm Show Futures and the Banner/Ground Zero Collaborations.” Canadian Theatre Review 125 (Winter 2006): 9-15.
This article proposes a continuity of radical theatre practice based on the refusal of dominant aesthetics, a rejection of the theatre economy, and the exploration of mobile performance forms.
Radical Mobility full article

Filewod, Alan. “Theatrical Migrations and Digital Bodies: The Migrant Voices Project.” Paper delivered to “Performance and Asylum” Conference, Royal Holloway College, University of London, 3 Nov. 2007.
This paper examines Banner’s Migrant Voices in the context of international theatre discourses on migrancy and refuge, and compares Banner’s local interventionist practice to the high-art, peak-facility work of critically acclaimed companies like Théâtre du Soleil.
Migrancy and deregimentation full article

Filewod, Alan. “The Documentary Body: From Theatre Workshop to Banner Theatre.” Get Real: Documentary Theatre Past and Present, ed. Alison Forsyth and Chris Megson. London: Palgrave, 2009: 55-73.
This essay examines the historical linkages that connect Banner Theatre to the Workers Theatre Movement in the 1930s and Theatre Workshop in the ‘40s and ‘50s, and to George Luscombe and the founding of Toronto Workshop Productions. It proposes a historical coherence and linkage of theatrical practices centered on documentary and the working body
Documentary Body full article

Martin, D’Arcy. “Creative Dreams and Labour’s Disciplines: When Artists Meet Unions.” Our Times magazine Vol. 13 No. 5: October / November 1994
An article which looks at the complex negotiations between artists and unionists when they collaborate, using the Ground Zero video Re:Connecting as a case study.
Creative Dreams and Labour Disciplines full article

Mundel, Ingrid. “Radical Storytelling: Performing Process in Canadian Popular Theatre” Theatre Research in Canada Vol.24 No.1-2 Radical Storytelling: Performing Process in Canadian Popular Theatre full article