GZP has been involved in creating videos since its inception.

Sometimes this work was closely intertwined with theatre production. In 1987, we produced Homeless People, a documentary about housing issues in Toronto for the International Year of Shelter for the Homeless. This provided research material for the development of the play In The Neighbourhood of My Heart. Then we produced a dramatized video, On the Outside, with K.Y.T.E.S about housing for at-risk youth.

Sometimes the work was purely documentary, such as our video London Calling! about the initial Day of Protest against the Mike Harris government.

That's Danger! video set

When GZP moved to Edmonton in 1997, Don Bouzek decided to sever the non-profit theatre company from a new video production company called D.Active Productions. This created greater clarity for funders and other sponsors.

GZP, however, has continued to develop the use of video in live performances through the evolution of the Video Ballads. In 2010, we accepted our first project intended only for video distribution on the web. That’s Danger! is an adaptation of a stage play by Dave Clarke for the Alberta Workers’ Health Centre.

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