D.Active Productions

D.Active has produced a wide variety of video work in Edmonton since its inception in 1998.

The latest Local 1001 videos produced for the CLC

A number of projects were docu-dramas. Don Bouzek created Three Strikes for Access TV, using four character voices to tell the story of labour unrest in the Drumheller valley between 1919 and 1925. For the Canadian Labour Congress, D.Active have produced three series of Local 1001 videos, depicting issues facing stewards in a fictional union Local.

The company continued to produce educational documentaries for organized Labour, including two tapes about literacy – for the Alberta Federation of Labour and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers. A number of unions commissioned member orientation videos, including the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees. The company also documented campaigns. What Does Democracy Look Like? commissioned by the United Nurses of Alberta, traces the resistance to the privatization of health care during the Ralph Klein era.

A new area of work is material on Labour history. Access TV and Athabasca University commissioned The Back Row about the McCarthy era in Alberta. In honour of the provincial centennial in 2005, The company created 52 short videos [in both official languages] about the history of nursing for the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses and the United Nurses of Alberta .

Web based production is an increasing emphasis in the work, with a series of over 20 clips featured on the Royal Alberta Museum’s virtual museum devoted to the GWG jean manufacturing plant in Edmonton.