CLC Arts & Heritage

Don Bouzek chairs the Arts & Heritage Sub-committee of the Education Committee for the Canadian Labour Congress [CLC]. It is a national committee of unionists and artists committed to the development of Labour Arts. The CLC adopted the following establishing the group:

Terms of Reference

for the Arts & Heritage Sub-Committee of the Canadian Labour Congress Education Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

Arts and heritage are becoming increasing important for working people, particularly in the face of globalization and international trade. Over the years, working people have become increasingly divorced from cultural activities and expression and from their own history. Increasingly, all forms of cultural expression and heritage are being monopolized by corporate interests to market their own view of the world.

Although it is seldom spoken of as such, access to cultural expression and the means to preserve peoples own heritage are essential to a truly democratic society. In the struggle for the ‘hearts and minds’ of working people, labour must become active on cultural issues and in arts and heritage activities. Labour must also support initiatives in cultural democracy and the development of community_based arts and heritage.


To foster the arts and heritage in the Canadian Labour Movement:

  • to develop and facilitate arts and heritage initiatives within the CLC;
  • to assist affiliates with arts and heritage initiatives and co_ordinate activities among them;
  • to assist the CLC to gain better access to arts and heritage activities for union members.
  • to develop cultural policy;
  • to lobby government on issues of cultural policy and programs;
  • and to assist the CLC in identifying and participating ininternational cultural policy development and the cultural aspects of international trade and exchange;


  • The CLC Arts Committee would meet by various means at least four times a year.
  • The Committee would be made up of representatives from CLC affiliates, from representatives of Artists unions and associations and from representative artists who have a history of work with the labour movement through labour arts initiatives.
  • The Committee would report to the Education Committee of the CLC.