Who Books GZP?

Our aim at GZP is to perform largely to community audiences throughout Canada, mainly in your own venues, such as union halls, but also sometimes in theatres.

GZP’s roots lie with the Labour Movement and we are booked regularly by unions. We are also booked by community groups, racial equality organizations, schools and colleges, conferences, campaigning organizations and arts venues and festivals.

Arts Council funding pays for the development of new shows. However, once a show is on the road, we need to receive a fee from the individual or organization that books us. This can be negotiated to some extent, although we do have to cover our own costs.

If you are interested in booking GZP but need more information, you can always contact us and we will supply you with further details.

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How to Organize a Performance

We don’t expect you to be a professional arts presenter to host a GZP show. If you think our show will speak to your community and its issues, then we’ll help you make it happen.

Our shows are designed to tour. GZP does mainly one-time performances and can therefore fit its productions into most venues. We keep our technical requirements minimal. We need a stage area, household power supply with the ability to turn off the room lighting and access to the space to load in equipment. We bring our own lighting, sound and video gear and musical instruments. The specifics vary from show to show. You can download a PDF of the production you are interested in presenting below.

You have an understanding of your own community and how to promote the show to them, but we can offer support in doing this. We have templates for materials about the show which we can overprint with details of particular performances - including time, date, venue, admission prices, contact number/s for advance bookings and, if required, a logo of the sponsoring organization. We can provide 8-1/2 x 11 flyers that can be used as posters [but we’ll have to pass on the cost of getting these printed if you can’t do it locally]. We provide general press releases about our productions and these can be tailored to suit individual performances. We can also supply email flyers about the productions. These can be downloaded from the website below. We also have photographs from the productions - you can email us to request one. Just remember, the best form of promotion for shows is by ‘word-of-mouth’ through local networks.

We have prepared a check list to help you produce the show and promote it in your community. Download the pdf below.

Marketing Resources

Flyer templates:
GWG: Piece by Piece

Press releases:
GWG: Piece by Piece (coming soon!)

Technical Specifics:

GWG: Piece by Piece