Brooks Project

Vladimir Gomez and Rod Loyola from The People’s Poets perform an edited audio version of We Are Here using the video from the AFL Hip-Hopular Education workshop. Peter Jany describes his experience in the Sudan and in Brooks, Alberta.

Hip-Hopular education

Vald Gomez (left frame) and Rod Loyola (right frame) facilitate the workshop at the AFL.

We want to create a performance that involves a small team, consisting of GROUND ZERO performers and Popular Educators and a video playback system. They would work with the existing Labour course instructors to offer a 90 session that will use Popular Theatre, music and video to present an interactive learning experience.

In 2007, we piloted the concept, based on material Don Bouzek recorded during the 2005 meat packing strike in Brooks. Vladimir Gomez and Rod Loyola, two Edmonton based Chilean Popular Educators / rap musicians worked with Don to create three tracks. The video carries the images and the pre-recorded beats, to which the pair perform live raps. These performances were designed to be an integral part of a Popular Education workshop which users the organizing done with the Sudanese community in brooks as a case study for unions working in diverse communities. We presented a session in Jasper at an Alberta Federation of Labour School.

People’s Poets latest CD.